Drums of War
A virtual reality music rhythm game where you play as a powerful orc drummer who uses the power of the drums to kill filthy dwarf scum, burn their villages to the ground and free fellow orcs in a cross between Overlord and Donkey Kong Jungle beat. Use drum sticks in VR to bang a virtual drum kit that moves your orc and unleashes a powerful arsenal of weaponry.
Orc drumming game? Tell me more!
"Drum to the beat of the music to move your orc across the battle field and launch attacks by banging on weaponized drums."
Drums of War uses a unique locomotion system where players must bang drums to the beat of the music to walk most effectively. Get off of the beat and then your orc will start to turn to one side. You can also bang on the side drums to turn allowing for full 360 degrees of movement. But your drums are also a powerful arsenal of weapons. The two center drums fire off destructive cannonballs when hit and you can also aim on stick and tap it with the other to throw fireballs.

Check out the gameplay video here DrumsOfWarGameplay
Alan Flores - Creator/Lead Designer
Over 20 years of experience making games. Lead designer on Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock, Guitar Hero Metallica, Band Hero, Tony Hawk's Project 8, Tony Hawk's Underground2, Sports Champions 2, and many more.

Gabe Castro - Composer
Composer of the indie survival horror hit “The Forest” as well as featured musician for Blasters of the Universe, Vice Principals and Portlandia.

email: info@drumsofwargame.com